Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oui Oui!

You know, I was very unsure about the slouchy hat. I don't wear hats very often, though many tell me I've got just the right head for them. However, when Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic came up with this little gem, well I had to do it. Wendy's patterns are the kinds of things that you would buy off the shelf, but they're so much more exciting because you can make it yourself, custom fit so that all your friends, and hopefully all the boys will stammer "ooh la la!" as you walk by in your kitten heels and giant sunglasses.

Anyway, I found this yarn on closeout at WEBS, and I couldn't pass it up. It's Classic Elite City Lights in a maroon color that has some sort of exotic name I cannot recall. I used size 7 and 8 DPNs and made it over my birthday weekend.

I was so excited with the finished product that no sooner did I tuck in the ends, I put it on my head and cast on for a second in stockinette.
This time I used some spare Cascade 220 in a color called Galaxy that was once met to be a pair of legwarmers, but for now is a hat and perhaps mittens in due time. This one needed a little modification. I increased by an additional 6 stitches and used size 8 and 9 DPNs. Again, so pleased. I wear them everywhere. I get tons of compliments, and when the wind blows I can pull them down over my ears. Who could ask for anything more? Go make your own. Trust me. You will be belle of the crowded wintry streets.

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blufairyfloss said...

do you mind taking a picture of the back of the purple beret? I want to see how the decreases look...