Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching Up

Besides knitting, there's a lot of things that I've let fall by the wayside. For instance, today was the first time I'd been to mass this month. It had been so long since I'd been to mass that I didn't even know what time it started and showed up 15 minutes early.

You gotta to love St. Monica's. Rebuilt in the 1970s after a massive fire gutted the original church, it is the epitome of South Philly Catholic churches. Murals, gold trim on everything, packed to the gills with young and old from the neighborhood. Heck, around here, people still decorate their houses for first Communions and Confirmations. I'm sure going to miss going there when I move in January and switch over to Epiphany of Our Lord at 11th and Jackson, which is really only 6 blocks away, but doesn't have a 12:15 mass.

I've been catching up with some other things as well. I keep finding spare moments to work on the Flame Scarf. I savor these moments. It's so nice to have my hands and eyes and brain occupied with something that is not electronic. That is not a keyboard or a cash register. Yes, I agree that I sound like a wistful pansy. I suppose that I am a bit, but the reality is I'm just trying to keep it all together right now, and if 5 minutes and 2 rows of knitting helps, then I hope I can keep finding 5 minute pockets to knit in.

It's a lumpy, bumpy mess right now. I look forward to that fateful day when I can give it a nice wash and block. In the meantime, I totally cheated and went shopping today to buy Mom some socks for Christmas, just in case that fateful day never comes. (Yeah I know, I should knit her some).

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